ZoomGo Support Center

Check out the ZoomGo FAQs, System Requirements and User Guide to get all of your questions answered.
If you still need help using ZoomGo, feel free to email our support team at support@zoomgo.tv.


If something isn’t working quite right, take a look through the troubleshooting steps below to help resolve the issue.

  Problem Cause Fix
1 No access to device disk
  1. There is no SD card in the ZoomGo Media Stick
  2. The SD card is faulty
  3. Poor contact between the SD card and the slot
  1. Insert SD card
  2. Change to a working SD card
  3. Remove and reinsert SD card
2 The video content stopped playing SD card was removed whilst ZoomGo is in operation Insert the SD card back into ZoomGo
3 Wi-Fi connection dropped ZoomGo was disconnected from power whilst in operation Plug ZoomGo back into car power socket or Micro USB cable
4 Cannot power on ZoomGo from the in-car power socket; LED light is not illuminated
  1. ZoomGo is not properly plugged in
  2. Poor contact due to oxidization
  3. The power socket is not working
  1. Check the ZoomGo or Micro USB cable is properly seated in the power socket
  2. Clean the contacts and remove the oxidation layer
  3. Check if the power socket is functioning
5 Cannot find 'ZoomGo' in the WiFi access point list
  1. There is an anomaly in the power supply to ZoomGo
  2. The ZoomGo system has not started up yet
  3. There is an anomaly in the phone/tablet Wi-Fi
  1. Change to a higher output power supply
  2. ZoomGo takes up to 20 seconds to start up after it is plugged in - please wait
  3. Restart your phone/tablet, turn Wi-Fi off & on, rescan for Wi-Fi networks
6 Cannot connect to ZoomGo WiFi
  1. There is interference from many nearby Wi-Fi access points
  2. There are 2 ZoomGo units with the same name nearby
  3. The ZoomGo is far away and Wi-Fi signal is weak
  1. Restart the ZoomGo by unplugging and plugging it in again
  2. Change the Wi-Fi name on ZoomGo
  3. Move closer to ZoomGo
7 Cannot power ZoomGo from car power socket; ZoomGo still works via Micro USB power
  1. Car power socket is not working
  2. ZoomGo unit is not working correctly
  1. Seek repairs for car power socket
  2. Contact ZoomGo support online

If none of the above fixes worked, get in touch with us at support@zoomgo.tv