Wireless In-Car Cinema
Entertainment System

Record and watch over 350,000 HD shows and movies, anywhere, anytime.

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In-car Entertainment on the Go

Record your favorite movies and shows to watch offline on up to 4 different smart devices simultaneously

Fast dual charge

8 GB Included

No 4G required

Stream to up to 4 devices

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ZoomGo – a personal wireless media hub, with no internet connection required

ZoomGo & PlayOn deliver the ultimate in-car entertainment system that allows passengers, such as children, to watch content on the go, without the need for an internet connection. ZoomGo transmits a local wireless signal where registered users can gain access to ZoomGo’s library via a user-friendly app.

Using the PlayOn platform, customers can record their favorite movies and shows, then transfer them to ZoomGo. Watch content on the go, when you want, where you want. ZoomGo is not just for the car – it can be used for all forms of travel, including planes, trains & automobiles.

How PlayOn Works

PlayOn Desktop is a PC-based streaming video recorder and media server. When you select a show or movie from the PlayOn desktop app, an invisible browser opens and starts streaming the video from the selected streaming site (such as Netflix, or Hulu). PlayOn records online videos as they stream — just like a cable DVR or TiVo. Recordings are saved as .MP4 video files which can be easily transferred to an iPad or iPhone via iTunes, or to an Android mobile device. As an added bonus, when you play back recordings of network TV shows via an iOS, Roku, Chromecast, Android, or FireTV device, PlayOn’s AdSkip automatically skips the ads for you.

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